I recently moved into the world of Business Intelligence myself – coming from a background in a small software company with a different focus.

Being new in BI sparks a whole lot of questions. I know that many others who are starting their career in BI or getting in contact with BI from the client side have similar questions. Some of the questions I had when switching jobs were:

  • What is a data warehouse?
  • Why and when do we need a data warehouse?
  • What’s wrong with reporting directly on a production database?
  • Why do we need Analysis Services models?

My experience and everyday work is on the Microsoft BI platform, and hence my focus will primarily be on the MS BI platform and tools.

I hope that you find some good answers to your questions here on my site.

If you are new in BI and unable to find answers to your relevant BI questions here, then feel free to contact me via the contact form below. I really appreciate your feedback and any suggestions for new topics and questions to write about.

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